Houssam Azem

Houssam Azem

CEO, Lumos Nigeria


Houssam was appointed CEO of Lumos Nigeria in 2017 and brings onboard extensive expertise in driving business growth and profitability through optimizing distribution channels, expanding product lines and opening up new markets.

Prior to joining Lumos, Houssam’s career journey had seen him lead across diverse senior management positions in a wide variety of businesses. His niche has been in identifying a market need and quickly bringing to market the required solutions. Before recently exiting with the sale of a logistics company that he founded, as it became one of the top end-to-end logistics solutions providers in Nigeria, Houssam was the CEO of NovaTrack the first telemetry company in Nigeria that catered to the needs of the corporate world. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Emperion Middle East, where he opened up the market and consequently grew the division to be the leader in sales for the global company within 4 years; a role which he assumed after he founded AfriOne, one of Nigeria’s first ISP and calling card companies and Radcom one of the first companies that provided full scale IT services in Northern Nigeria.

Now as CEO of Nigeria’s leading provider of Solar-powered Mobile Electricity Service, Houssam is responsible for actualizing Lumos Nigeria’s vision to provide Nigerians with access to affordable and reliable alternative energy, in the same way the GSM phones revolutionized telecommunications in Nigeria.