Juergen Ophey

Acting CEO for 2G Africa and 2G Nig Serv for 2G Group

Juergen Ophey

Acting CEO for 2G Africa and 2G Nig Serv for 2G Group


Juergen Ophey is the acting CEO for 2G Africa and 2G Nig Serv for 2G Group:


2G Energy AG

  • Founded in 1995 as a factory for biogas gensets in Germany
  • Manufacturing and distribution of gas generators for
    • natural gas,
    • LPG,
    • biogas, landfill gas and
    • hydrogen

between 20kW – 4,500 kW electrical capacity each

  • Largest independent manufacturer in Europe
  • Solution provider: development, project engineering, production, service and after-sales support
  • Since 2007 listed on the German stock market
  • Over 7,500 power plants have been commissioned in more than 50 countries worldwide
  • More than 70% operate Embedded within a decentralized generation at end user site already
  • More than 1,000 are employed as hybrid with wind or solar already today
  • Waste Heat Recovery through co-, tri-, and quad-generation technologies
  • global after sales structure
  • technical core competencies for captive applications:
    • Our gensets can cope with load spikes and load drops of up to 40%;
    • Our gensets can operate between 20% and more than 90% continuously;
    • Our genset solutions are tailormade for each client application.


2G station for Africa GmbH (“2G Africa”)

  • operates the African hub since 2014
  • goal to reduce
    • energy expenses by up to 80% and
    • emissions by up to 65%

2G station Nigeria Services Limited (“2G Nig Serv”)

  • provides 2G after sales structures in Nigeria
  • in form of
    • operational supplies,
    • preventive maintenances
    • 24/7 telemonitoring and
    • Corrective maintenance
  • Through local 2G Service Partners
  • Resulting in a minimum of 93% technical availability for up to 10 years.

Many clients compare this with a ten-year warranty for our gensets.