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FLEXIS project representatives (pictured above) received an Award of Recognition for their outstanding contribution to the third Nigeria Energy Forum (NEF) in Lagos, Nigeria during April 2018. With representation from the Director General of the OPEC Fund for International Development, the theme of NEF 2018 was ‘Accelerating Access to Sustainable Energy for All’.

Attended by over 180 delegates this year, the Nigeria Energy Forum attracts innovators, policymakers and academics through addressing energy challenges, allowing the build of technical capacity and promoting energy innovation. The NEF 2018 focused on the transformation of mini-grids and off-grid access to energy, the improvement of energy efficiency and financing of clean energy. As FLEXIS aims to develop smart energy distribution systems, this year’s themes were of particular interest to the FLEXIS team.

NEF 2018 took place from 17 to 18 April 2018. During both days, the FLEXIS team engaged with participants by discussing the aims of the project and its relevance to the Nigerian energy sector. Medium-sized companies and innovators, as well as university researchers from Nigerian institutions, were especially keen to know more about how they could benefit from the expertise of the FLEXIS team.



On April 17, Dr. Meysam Qadrdan presented a National Infrastructure Systems MODel (NISMOD) which uses energy statistics from a given country to project a future energy mix under various scenarios. Dr. Oluwole Adeuyi led the conference organizing team as Forum Chair and made a keynote presentation on April 18.

The second day of the NEF 2018 allowed four FLEXIS representatives to demonstrate the applicability of energy research further. The hands-on sessions were led by Dr. Muhammed Irfan who gave an overview of a decision-making tool he developed for energy innovation. The tool incorporates geospatial data to visualize environmental, socio-economic and technological potential barriers or opportunities in a given geographical location and can be used all over the world. The hands-on sessions were seen as a significant success given the attendance of 35 participants while the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) was simultaneously running popular training on Energy Systems Management.

Ms. Karolina Rucinska gave a short overview of funding opportunities, such as the Global Challenges Research Fund, for researchers and entrepreneurs based in Nigeria followed by group sessions which allowed her to engage with potential collaborators. Ms. Rucinska was also part of a review of a mini-competition for an innovative engineering award. Poster sessions were hosted by Dr. Yuchang Wang and Ms. Khadijat Jose.


NEF 2018 was an excellent opportunity to hear about the renewable energy work of Nigerian researchers and entrepreneurs. The FLEXIS team learned from representatives of the Federal University of Petroleum Resources and UNIDO that there is a real demand from students to acquire skills necessary for delivering smart energy system solutions.

The FLEXIS team thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Lagos, and it was a great pleasure to receive an award for their support of this event. FLEXIS attendance at the NEF 2018 was organized by Dr. Oluwole Adeuyi and Ms. Khadijat Jose of Cardiff University and sponsored by Nigerian renewable companies such as Asteven Group, All On, Lilleker, Sterling Bank and Sun King.