About Nigeria Energy Forum

The Nigeria Energy Forum 2018 (NEF2018) is a capacity building, training, and development programme for policy makers, business leaders, energy users, professional engineers, industry experts and academics in the energy sector of Nigeria and other African countries. The Forum will hold on April 17-18, 2018 at the Landmark Centre, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria, with the theme ‘Accelerating Access to Sustainable Energy for All’.

Organized by a team of young researchers and academics from the UK, in collaboration with the Nigerian Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NIEEE). NIEEE is the largest professional engineering institution in Nigeria with over 14,000 members. NIEEE-NEF 2018 aims to:

Address national energy challenges

Build technical capacity

Promote energy innovation

Through inclusive stakeholder engagement to ensure that political leaders and industry experts take ambitious decisions to power economic development, bridge the wide gap between energy demand and supply and meet the Global Goal 7 in Nigeria. Three Supersessions are planned to: Address the Gas-to-Power Challenge; Electrify the Off-grid Sector; Rebuild trust in the Power Sector.
A full-day technical skills training is to focus on: HOMER (Hybrid Optimization Model for Multiple Energy Resources) Pro by Homer Energy, USA; Energy Management Systems– by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Austria.; Flexible Integrated Energy Systems (FLEXIS)by Flexis Project, Cardiff University, UK *(tbc); Transforming Modern Energy Access Transitions (TREAT) – by Energy Sector Management Assistance Program, ESMAP *(tbc).  Also, an Energy Transformation Challenge is planned to foster innovation through industry-academia collaborations.
The 3rd Energy Innovation & Poster Exhibition will facilitate interactions between off-grid firms, utilities, research organizations, manufacturers and financial institutions. Also, the 2018 Africa Energy Ideas Competition is to foster innovation among young people, support early-stage entrepreneurs and develop new technologies and commercial arrangements that will accelerate energy access across Africa.

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